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Receive a 20+ Point inspection from a trained technician, who will inspect and clean your appliance to ensure it is working at peak efficiency and ensure there are no repairs or changes to maintenance required. You’ll receive a certificate of completion as well as an automatic e-mail reminder when it is time to book again next year- Just like magic! Take the guesswork out of your appliance and make sure your warranty is protected by performing your annual cleaning and maintenance+

$149.99+HST for Most Major Appliances*

*Condensing Boilers and Tankless Water Heaters are $209.99 +HST.

want EVEN more savings & protection?

Consider a monthly ASHTON ADVANTAGE Maintenance or Protection Plan for your appliance to save yourself from surprise costly repair bills and service calls.  

As part of enrollment, You’ll get a ‘Magic Maintenance’ inspection and cleaning for the reduced cost of just $59.99 when you sign up for a one year plan! 


Seasonal maintenance should be on every home owner’s To-Do List! Not only does it keep your appliance running at it’s peak efficiency, it also ensures your original appliance warranty stays in place.

Many of our customers don’t realize that annual maintenance is part of the homeowner’s responsibility to keep your warranty valid.  It may seem trivial but about 30% of our service calls in peak seasons are due to poor maintenance of appliance.

 Owning a home is a lot of work, and we understand that no one can be expected to remember everything. That’s why we’ve tried to make remembering easier with our automated ‘Magic Maintenance’ system. Before a costly repair eats into your savings, consider spending a fraction of that on your annual maintenance. It’s worth it!

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