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At Ashton Heating and Cooling, we know furnaces and air conditioners but did you also know that we know our way around the grill?

We are proud to offer our barbeques and smokers from the best manufactures such as Broil King, Saffire and Weber.

Our wide selection means you can choose what time of heating source you want to use, whether it be a high-quality propane BBQ, a natural gas version — we can hook you up! — a charcoal-burning unit or a smoker that uses wood or pellets.

We also stock a wide variety of cooking utensils, wood chips for smoking and other must-haves for the grilling expert in your family.

So which type of BBQ should you buy? It depends on your taste:

our barbeques are tasteful

If you are an impatient chef that needs to feed a hungry family right away this is the choice for you. Most gas barbeques are designed for propane, but can be converted to natural gas fairly easily by a member of the Ashton Heating and Cooling staff. Some people argue the merits of propane or methane, but there is very little difference between the types of fuel.  If you have access to a natural gas line, utilizing it is certainly more convenient and less expensive than refilling propane tanks. The downside to these types of barbeques is that you can't get the real smoky BBQ taste.

Gas Grills

Charcoal Grills

This is the classic outdoor grill and barbecue that your grandparents used and we have come a long way from the times where people hurled matches at brickettes soaked in lighter fluid. With the updates in starting methods, the trusty old charcoal grill is now as versatile as most gas BBQs. Charcoal is a great fuel for producing long-lasting, smokey heat to cook all your foods on the grill. While they are a bit more messy and time consuming to grill with than gas grills, the flavour is more than worth it.

Smoker Grills

A smoker grill makes it easier to slowly smoke foods at low heat using aromatic smoking woods for intense flavour and tender meat. While you don't have to have a dedicated smoker to do this, it can help make it a lot easier and your results will improve tremendously because of your ability to monitor the temperature inside the grill.

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