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For any home you need a heat source, and for a gas furnace, that source is natural gas or propane. When heat is needed, valves release gas to be ignited by an igniter. The resulting flame heats the air inside the heat exchanger. The blower moves the air over the heat exchanger and into your home’s ductwork. Some gas furnaces such as multi-stage or modulating systems offer additional energy efficient performance. Speaking of heat exchangers, condensing furnaces can capture normally wasted exhaust heat energy using a secondary heat exchanger.

Furnaces are great for energy efficient and providing long term comfort. 

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Most heat pumps are split systems. They’re called this because the system is split into two components. The heat pump unit which sits outside, and the air handler unit which sits inside. In the summer the unit works very similar to an AC. The unit outside compresses and circulates the refrigerant to the evaporator coil which is inside your air handler. The evaporator coil gets very cold- ice cold, actually. So cold that it can remove humidity from your home. Hot humid air flows in, cool and comfortable air flows out. This continues until the indoor air matches the ideal temperature set on your thermostat or control system. In the winter this process is reversed using a simple valve that allows the heat pump to create warmth in your home even on the coldest days!

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A ductless split system consists of an indoor unit (usually mounted to a wall) piped to an outdoor unit. This is used to condition a single room or floor.  The indoor unit is dedicated to the room being conditioned and can be controlled easily by a wireless remote.  Ductless systems are an excellent alternative to tradition HVAC systems where the focus is on an individual room or living space, rather than a central system, one size fits all approach.  Just like a central Heat-pump they operate in reverse in the cold to provide heat to the home instead of cooling, as low as in -35 degrees!

No timely, messy or costly ductwork or renovations needed!

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