Heat Pump Hybrid Hot Water Tanks

A heat pump hybrid hot water tank typically refers to a water heating system that combines two different technologies for heating water. The goal is to take advantage of the strengths of each technology to improve energy efficiency and overall performance. The two primary types of technologies combined in heat pump hybrid hot water tanks are:

  1. Heat Pump Technology: Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air or ground and use it to heat water. They are highly efficient because they don’t generate heat directly; instead, they move existing heat from one place to another.

  2. Traditional Electric or Gas Heating Element: This is the more conventional method of directly heating water using electric resistance heating elements or a gas burner.

In a hybrid hot water tank, the system intelligently switches between these two technologies based on factors such as energy demand, ambient temperature, and cost-effectiveness. For example, the heat pump might be more efficient during mild weather conditions, while the traditional heating element could kick in during very cold periods when the heat pump’s efficiency may decrease.

The idea is to use the most energy-efficient method available for heating water at any given time, optimizing performance and minimizing energy consumption. This hybrid approach aims to provide a balance between the energy efficiency of a heat pump and the quick, reliable heating of a traditional system, resulting in potentially lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

RHEEM Proterra Heat Pump hybrid Hot Water Heater 

The Rheem® ProTerra® family of heat pump water heaters delivers savings when you buy—in the form of available tax credits and utility rebates—and also with big energy cost savings. Because ProTerra models draw heat energy from the air and produce zero emissions, they are helping save the planet.

We designed ProTerra models to be just as easy to install as standard water heaters
Up to 5X the efficiency of a standard water heater—producing fewer greenhouse gases1
Premium models include exclusive water leak detection and auto water shut-off valve to guard against damage2
Control, monitor and schedule your water heater right from your mobile device3