Amantii 38″ Built-in Electric Fireplace with Black Glass Surround

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Built-in electric fireplaces are a perfect substitute to existing gas and wood-buring fireplaces. Since they don’t require a vent, they can be easily installed anywhere in your home. If you have limited space, then the BLT-IN 38″ is your answer. This easy-to-install unit adds a clean, fresh look to any room in
your home. The crystal black glass face comes standard, or create your own style with optional real stone upgrades. The BLT-IN-38 comes with three colors of fire glass media, see fire glass colors on left side.

BLT-IN Series Fireplace Features

• Featuring LED light technology
• No heater
• No fan
• Unit can be built into the wall with only 1-1/2″ (3 cm) protruding into the room.
• Slim 6″ overall depth unit mounts directly on any wall.
• 12 Volt
• Remote control for turning the flame on or off (included)
• Easy to reach manual controls
• Comes standard with crystal black glass face
• BLT-IN-38 & BLT-IN-58 come with three colors of fire glass media.

BLT-IN-38 Specifications
Volts: 12
Amps: 0.2
Watts: 10.5
LED Lights: 3 each 5 watts, 15 watts total
Rotor Motor: 1 at 5 watts
Glass Front Model: 16 5/8″ H x 24 7/16″ W x 6 5/8″ D
Stone Front Model: 16 5/8″ H x 24 7/16″ W x 7 5/1″ D
Glass Viewing Opening: 20 11/16″ x 11 1/4″
Glass Size: 38″ W x 27 7/8″ H
Cord Length: 76″
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